Cyber / Data Breach Liability

Cyber/Data breach crimes have been on the rise and more prevalent in the news.

Why Cyber?  How safe is your client information?  Here are a few questions to think about:

?  What happens if a laptop or tablet is lost or stolen with your clients’ data on it?

?  What happens if your files and / or computers, discs, external hard drives, thumb drives, are lost or misplaced, and your clients’ personal data falls into the wrong hands?  Or worse, your office is broken into and your files/clients’ data are compromised?

?  What happens if someone hacks your data including clients’ data?

Unfortunately these exposures are real and are expanding with ongoing developments in, and growing dependency on technology.


There are 2 major concerns:

  • The most crucial is that you may be held responsible for damages caused to your clients for having their information get into the wrong hands.
  • There are laws requiring that all of your clients who could possibly be at risk be notified according to certain procedures and in some cases you may be required to provide credit monitoring for them for up to a year.  This is extremely costly and time consuming, not to mention how damaging it may be to your relationship with clients who are involved.

Austin & Austin is pleased to offer you a Cyber Liability policy in the event of theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, including lawsuits, settlements and regulatory penalties.  Furthermore, this policy provides services to help you deal with a breach when they occur.  This includes notification costs, investigations and forensics, credit monitoring for impacted individuals, call center services, and other costs to mitigate damages.

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